Who are we?

We are a Literary Consulting and Hybrid Publishing agency, focused on SAVVY Influence Builders. Using a combination of courses, coaching, and literary services, Clara Rose & Company offers everything needed to strategically and intentionally build and cultivate influence.

We work with entrepreneurs and professional who want to establish expertise by Writing their book, Speaking their message, and Leading for greater influence. Because we KNOW it will organically generate leads AND create sustainability for their business, ministry, cause, or brand!


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You can quickly build influence by writing and publishing your own book, and we have developed a proven process to help you with that. 

 Speaker MATTERS

Crafting your signature speech is the first step to cultivating influence on the stage, and we have a proven process to help you with that.

Influence MATTERS

Leadership opens doors of opportunity and builds lasting influence, and we have a proven process to help you with that.


Why choose US?

We understand that success is a matter of influence, but we also realize influence in NOT accidental. It is strategically and intentionally established and built. Our goal is to equip our clients with the tools and resources they need to cultivate an influence, that will help them build the business, ministry, brand, or cause of their dreams!

Our Experience

With more than 25 years of business development experience, we understand what it takes to create a thriving business.

Beyond just thriving, we have tools to help our clients take those next steps to scale and grow. We have been where you are, and know how to help you level up and succeed.

Individual Attention

As a boutique consulting agency and small publishing company, we work with a limited number of clients at any given time. This ensures we can provide the individual attention each client deserves and needs.

You are not a number when you work with us! 

Budget Friendly

By offering, Do it Yourself, Done with You, and Done for You services, we can fit into most any budget.

Even if your pockets aren't deep, we can help you write your book, publish your book, create your signature speech, and develop a plan to build influence.

Let us help you establish, build, and cultivate influence, for the business, ministry, cause, or brand of your dreams.



Clara Rose & Company is client centric.

Each step of the journey was created with you in mind; your success is our ultimate goal.

5 Reasons You Haven't Written Your Book... Yet



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Meet Clara

A Literary Consultant and Business Strategist, Clara Rose is the CEO of Clara Rose & Company, Chief Editor at RoseDale Publishing, and the Founder of the SAVVY Influence Builders movement.

She is an Author, a Speaker, and the creator of the proprietary Brainstorm & Blueprint book build process.

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What Clients Are Saying

Their success speaks volumes!

"When I started thinking about writing my fifth book, I was not excited. The Brainstorm & Blueprint made ALL the difference. They really helped me get organized. My advice, don't write a book without them!

Tina Levene

Motivational Speaker and Author

"It's a dream come true, my book is now published and my clients can benefit from it. Every professional should have a book, and with Clara Rose and her Brainstorm & Blueprint process, that can happen!

Deb Drake

Licensed Occupational Therapist

"What the Brainstorm and Blueprint brought into my life, was a safe place to create, where my voice and heart were fully received. In that place, they partnered with me to cultivate even more gold than I could see." 

Octarya Robinson

Founder and CEO of Launch Now

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Introducing Influence University


For the movers and shakers, the dreamers but doers, the influence builders; we are creating an Influence Movement, and we invite you to join us.

Our Influence University membership is the ultimate group coaching experience for emerging Influence Builders.

Move through the foundational modules at your own pace, watch the bonus training, and join us weekly for live office hours and Q&A times.

The private Facebook group offers an opportunity for relationship building with other Influence Builders and even more education.

YES, count me in!