Rebranding for Relevance

RebrandingThe changing of a company name, logo and message, or a combination of these, constitutes a repositioning or rebranding of a company.  Far from just a visual change, rebranding is the intentional efforts of a corporation or brand to differentiate themselves from its competitors.  In doing so they hope to attract more customers and draw in desirable employees.

Rebranding can be a costly endeavor for a company.  There is the replacement of large quantities of existing collateral as well as signage to change and the time and resources spent to get the employees educated and on board.  Of course the small business faces different challenges than the large corporation and must adapt their rebranding strategy accordingly.

5 Tips for Networking Success

ConnectingNetworking is not a skill we are born with.  Sure some people are natural communicators who love the group setting but that does not guarantee successful networking.  The skillset needed to effectively network is learned over time, or taught by an experienced networker. Here are the first 5 things I discuss with new clients when we talk about networking successfully:

Forging a New Era with Social Media

Social MediaMarketing and advertising will always be an important and necessary part of any business plan, but the current trends toward social media advertising is forging a new era in customer expectations, largely attributable to its ability to tightly target audiences.

According to Social Media Today, more than half of all Americans are now members of at least one social network. With increasing regard for online information, the savvy consumer is now demanding more transparency and engagement from the companies they do business with.

Creating a Positive Culture

Positive Company CultureCulture in your company is the collective values, beliefs, habits, systems and working habits of its people.  These patterns of behaviors and collective assumptions are taught and encouraged within the company to shape and affect the way its people interact with co-workers, colleagues, customers and clients.  Effectively it becomes a part of the company brand.

Forward thinking companies realize that brand image, brand awareness, brand management and brand identity are all related to higher sales but they are also realizing the potential of their company culture to increase their bottom line.

A positive and healthy culture has a significant impact on the company at a variety of levels, by offering: